Magical tilsum

If a person void urine involuntarily in his sleep, the following tilsum is to be written and suspended to his neck.


By keeping the following tilsum (talisman) near one, jinns, faires (peri), and enchanters will not attack them.


Catching thieves

If the following talisman be sketched on an egg and buried in a grave, the abdomen of the individual who has stolen will swell, and remain so, until the egg is taken out of the earth. In the square is to be written, „May the belly of him who is the thief, through the influence of this diagram, swell“.


Talisman egg

Write the following talisman on a freshly laid egg.
-O servents of these names, arouse and bring she, who is N., daughter of N, to him, who is N. son of N.
Place the egg in a fire. Pour the incenses of good over the egg. Recite the invocation three time. If the time has been suitably elected, the target will come, bewildered, with no clue as to where she is.

Spell for arousal

Write these names on seven papers. In each paper, you place a chunk of Andarini salt and a piece of frankincense. Burn one after the other. The target will only be absent the distance of the trip. This is what you write: „Antosh, Antosh, move, O servants of these names, with bringing N.to N.“


Recite this one thousand times without Basmallah: „Seest thou not how thy Lord dealt with the Companions of the Elephant? Did He not make their treacherous plan go astray? And He sent against them Flights of Birds Striking them with stones of baked clay. Then did He make them like an empty field of stalks and straw, (of which the wheat) has been eaten up“.
After each hundred times, charge by saying: „O servants of this noble Surah, be charged with (state your purpose), for I have set you on N.“ The operation should be Thursday night or Saturday.

Love spell with power of Safa, the daughter of Iblis

Write the following talisman on an article of the target's clothing. Twist the clothing into a wick and coat it with crude wax. Enter the bathroom and light the wick inside out while burning frankincense, bdelium, and sandarac. Commission the spirits of the names (in the talisman) to make the target fall in love. Thereupon the target will fall in love and come.

Seven jinn kings

Each of these jinn kings also has multiple aides or assistants from
their tribes and many other offspring. As a matter of general principle, the kings should always be called under the auspices of angels. At no point should you call them forth to run any kind of errands. If you need their aid for something, always ask them to send someone to you from their tribe to assist you.
This point of not asking the Kings directly has been emphasized repeatedly by many of masters in our tradition. While we are not going to reveal any techniques for summoning these jinn, you may choose to do so anyway. If so, keep in mind the following points:
a) when the kings arrive, you must ask them to enter into a pact of service to you;
b) if you think you have managed to constrain them into a triangle of the art, then it isn’t the kings that are present;
c) if there are no physical signs of manifestations that can’t
be explained by your being in a trance, then your work isn’t finished;
d) don’t be distracted by initial signs of physical manifestation into
thinking your work is finished,
e) if you see physical manifestation of Jinn, be careful lest this be a distraction by their aides;
f) don’t summon them to prove their existence to yourself;
g) don’t go into this thinking to rely on traditional generic banishing methods, as their magic is superior to anything we possess, so only by the grace of the Goddess and Her angels will you be protected;
h) don’t ask them to do something against their nature, such as asking Meymoon to aid you in a love spell, for they will do it and then punish you.

Al-Mazhab (The Golden One)- Sunday - Sun or Shamsh
Al-Abyad (The White One)- Monday - Moon or Kamer
Al-Ahmar (The Red One)- Tuesday - Mars or al-Marih
Barkan (Two Thunders)- Wednesday - Mercur or Utarid
Šamhureš or Shamhuresh (N/A)- Thursday - Jupiter or al-Mushtari
Zawba'a (Cyclone)- Friday - Venus or al-Zahra
Meymoon (Prosperous) - Saturday - Saturn or Zuhal

Each of these is said to have many children and is called after the
most prominent child. This is a common Arabic practice. If the eldest
son of John is Tob, then they would call you John, Father of Tob. The
word for father in Arabic is Abba and the name for son is
ibn. Meymoon is known as Meymoon Abba Nuch, which means that his
son is Nuch ibn Maymon. This is important to know since there are
many jinn with the name Meymoon. So, when calling the jinn king of
Saturn, we have to identify him specifi cally with his full title Maymon
Abba Nuch.

Magic incantation

If a man wants to make his wife hate him so that he may easily divorce her he calls m the aid of a magician, who will proceed as follows. He takes an egg which was laid on a Wednesday, and on the shell of it he writes certain magic letters, which are supposed to form the name of the King of the Tombs. He then takes the egg and buries it in a tomb, but on no account must anyone know which tomb it is. For Christians it would be the tomb of a Christian, for Muslims that of a Muslim. By the time that the magician has returned from depositing the egg in its hiding-place the charm has already begun to work. The egg must always be left where he placed it. Should anyone discover its secret hiding-place and remove it the charm loses its effect, and the woman would again love her husband.
If a man wishes to procure the death of a man whom he regards as his enemy he will go to a magician , who acts in the following way. He takes a hen and kills it, keeping the blood in some vessel. He then obtains an egg laid by a hen that has black feathers only, and on it he writes this magic square with the blood of the hen he has killed. He burns some incense, holding the egg over the fumes, with the inscribed side downward, repeating the following incantation three times : " In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful. By the Name of Allah, the Mighty King Majesty and Possessor of Possessions, the Throne and Seat, the Heavens and Earth. Blessed be God, Lord of the World, Lord of all power and transcendent might. Light of Light and Spirit of Spirits. All Glorious, Holy Lord of Malaiks and the Spirit, praise Him, Him, the Highest Take charge, Malaik Jibrail, of the illness of so and so, the son of so and so [mentioning the mother's name]. Quickly, now! ".The egg is then hidden in a tomb.


Hexagram - Arabic simbol of magic

Because of the lack of translations of the Arabic occult literature, the western culture knows very little about the facts and origin of many magical symbols which can be found in most of the rituals that are performed today. Most of the symbols that we come across in rituals of various magical schools are of an Egyptian origin and no one should wonder that Egypt has been the cradle of magic and he occult from its early days.
The hexagram or the six-pointed star is an Arabic symbol which was used in the 18th century by the Jewish family Rothschild with the intent of making it a symbol of Judaism calling it the "Star of David". But the origin of the hexagram needs to be found in the ancient Egypt cult of magic and wizardry. That is the reason why we see this symbol in a lot of the Arabic talismans and amulets.


A section on binding

Make a long needle from wire, giving it an eye, and let its sharp point be far from its eye. Conjure with this conjuration twenty-one times and then let the target step on it. This is the conjuration that you say: „Hoosh (x2), Loosh (x2), Walish (x2)“. Then you write them on a red paper and bury underneath the site doorstep of the target. The intent will happen and Allah knows best the right way and to Him is the return and everlasting abode.

This is the seal of the verse „ the people adorned“ and its total is 1951.

Love spell with sparrow

Get two sparrows. Slaughter one of them. Write the following on a piece of paper using its blood: (see talisman).
Affix the paper to the wing of the living sparrow. Set the sparrow free in the face on your target.

Evil eye

Gaza became the largest concentration camp in the history of mankind which lasts for over 40 years. With the world watching, Israel expelled millions of Palestinians from their homes, continuing their Nazi policy and killing innocent people without regard whether it is a small child, a woman or an old man. For them the Palestinians are a people that need to perish and without a doubt in that regard they are copying Hitler and Nazi Germany- anyone who watches the news will notice that Israel usually kills ten Palestinians, with no regards of the gender or age, for every solider they lose.

It is ironical that the people who are presenting themselves as victims of the holocaust are committing the same atrocities over the Palestinian people. The once "holly land" is everything but holly, today it is a land filled with blood of the worst crimes and everyday killings. The Israelites are no longer a people who experience genocide but a people who commit genocide.

But no matter what Palestine is still alive and breathing. We need to write and talk about Palestine and its people and we should never let the memory of Palestine fade from existence.

The Palestine people as well as the rest of the Arab world have a rich store of folklore and beliefs. The most famous beliefs relate to spellbound eyes and their detrimental effect on people, especially children. According to the beliefs in Palestine, if a child falls ill suddenly after a visit from guest and starts crying for no reason and starts to reject food, it is then believed that it had fallen prey to the guest's spellbound eyes.

The ritual of annulling spellbound eyes is usually done by the mother or some old lady surrounded by a couple of curious women that are anxiously observing the ritual.

To neutralize foreign evil the mother needs to take three fingers of flour and salt, that need to be clean for this occasion, and repeat the following magical formula:

„Bism al-ain, bismi en-nadra, bism el-hasud“. And then throw the salt and flour in a metal container filled with hot coals adding to that mixture some dust from four rooms, seven grains of barley, a piece of Alum, and then she takes one hair from all the present inhabitants of the house („min atarha“). If one knows for sure who has spellbound the child, then it is only necessary to take a piece of thread from that person. To the hot coal a couple of seed of incense are added and one needs to wait for the thick fog to form in which the child will be bathed while pronouncing the magical formula. While holding the metal container (bassat nar) the woman that is conducting the ritual circles around the child saying: „Smallah alek! Hawattak ballah udachiltak lallah...“.

The magical formula is repeated three times and then the woman dips hands into a prepared vessel full of water and shaking it off in the direction of the fire she pronounces: „Ih! Intefi ja uwenw bin nuwere! En-nar lamakanha wel-ain Allah la'anha“. If squeaking sound are heard coming from the fire, that is deemed as a good sign-the effect of spellbound eyes is disappearing. Animated by what she hears the woman continues with the pronunciation of another magical formula to neutralize the evil: „Takhat, sahat. Ain el-adu rahat kusch! El-ebid“.

But if the effect is not forthcoming then the present women whisper and conclude that the spellbound eyes have resisted the power of the fire. Because of this revelation everyone is awaiting for the fire to burn down and for all the ingredients to melt and for it to cool down and form some kind of a figure, mostly it is determined who caused the child to be spellbound, the evil starts to lose its power.

A detrimental item for spellbound eyes is garlic, as is believed in Palastine, whose smell keeps away most evil from human beings.

Evoking a Jinn Servant

There are jinns who are servants by profession. They serve the higher class jinns – and also human adepts! This simply rite below evokes a jinn to your presence that will help to fulfill your needs – even serving you food and drinks on a platter!
The same preparations apply as for the previous ritual for evoking a jinn king: This ritual should be done at night in a quiet secluded place

in the woods or forest 'neath nature's canopy with no one around. If you fail to find an appropriate place you may use your room but make sure that you are not disturbed in any way. There should not be irritating anywhere in the vicinity. The room should be in complete darkness. Do not allow any light to penetrate the room. Jinns as a rule, dislike bright places.
The evoction ceremony should be preceded by a cleansing, a holy wash, or preferably a ritual shower. Wear clean clothings for the magickal ritual – wear a robe or a protective west if you have one.
This ritual should be proceded ba 3 days of fasting from dawn to dusk. No meat or animal products are to be consumed during the 3-day fasting period.
During the fast, after every 5 of the obligatory prayers recite the following for 1500x: „Hailuusyin“.
Benzoin incense from the East should be burned during these recitations. On the third and last day, an attractive jinn familiar spirit would appear. He or she would declare their readiness to serve your needs.


Love magic

Recite the following one thousand times while burning anything aromatic: „Sendi, Mendi, Bendi. Be commissioned, O Sendi, and you, O Mendi, and you, O Bendi, by the right of the Indian King Zalzool, and bring me my beloved N.“


Summoning terrestrial jinn

Recite it in the bathroom one thousand and two times for three nights. The incense any scent. This is what you say: „Shor Sor answer o Jin“. The sign of response is that you hear deep breathing from within the walls after which the intent will come to pass.


Arabic books magic

In almost all of the books on Arabic magic, dozens and sometimes even whole chapters of love spells and talismans were present. What is especially characteristic for such texts is the constant warnings of the author to the reader to fear Allah and not to use the revealed secrets for achieving one's evil goals. Some authors suggest to the readers which spell is the strongest, and so Ibnil Hajj Tilmisanil in his book Sumusul

envar reveals the most powerful spell for gaining someones love. For that purpose, during midnight when the zodiac sign of cancer is the most dominant, write out the talisman using blood of a pigeon and then to fumigate it with the blood of the dead bird. Before that one must catch the bird Partridge and hold it captive until Tuesday and the hour of Mars. Then you must tie the talisman to the birds right wing and set her free. According to Ibnil Hajji Tilmisanil this spell is so powerful that the targeted person can become very ill because of it.

Talisman's along with knot making are the most powerful love magic in the Arabic culture. Most of the mentioned rituals are practiced according to ancient rules of the Middle Eastern occultism-always at the beginning of some Arabic month. In a dimmed room filled with thick smoke of incense and other fragrances, in complete solitude, a magician dressed in all white writes using an ink, made out of saffron or blood, on a piece of paper the mystic letters and formulas constantly repeating the names of the targets of his spells calling invisible creatures to his aid. If his spell is based on subjugating the Jinn in order to fulfill a wish then that sort of magic is always finished with powerful statements such as: Hurry! Quickly! At once!

If, however the magician is calling forth Allah and his angels then at the end he utters with deep respect the following words at the end of the talisman: "this talisman is for N the son of N"- the name of the mother is uttered- Allah please direct your angels to fulfill my wish. God you are certainly above everything, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. There is no power or strength...In this case the talisman is not written in blood but in "Arabic ink" (Saffron) or a special ink is made out of saffron, incense and rose water.

The belief that knot binding can produce a magical effect originates from the old Babylonians who cured certain diseases that way and they connected lovers, caused impotence in men, etc. Because all Middle Eastern magical beliefs are imbued with ancient Mesopotamian elements it is no wonder why such a practice is still popular today. When one wishes to cause love in one person, one takes seven threads of silk of different color. All threads are connected together and then seven knots are tied on the threads. During the tying of each knot the "names of the moon" are uttered seven times and Ruusu erbayi. As with every other ritual one must take care of the time when the ritual is performed, when the moon is in the position of one of the fixed signs. The thread is then bound in a piece of wolf skin and is given to the targeted person. In a very short time the bearer of that talisman will fall in love with the one for whom the talisman was created and an emotional relationship will form.


Love charm

On Thursday during the lunar increase, write it on the target's garment or on a piece of paper. Incense it with frankincense and liquid storax in the 1 hour. Hang it in the air. It is like this: The Basmallah from the beginning of Ya-Sin till he seeks. Likewise N. seek N. or bring them to the location. Wherever you be, Allah brings you all, for Allah is capable of all things. Likewise N. comes to N. The trumpet was blown and we gathered them all. Like wise N. meets with N. And proclaim that the people shall observe Hajj pilgrimage. They will come to you walking or riding on various exhausted (means of transportation). They will come from the farthest locations. Likewise N. comes to N. An Ifreets from the jinn said ... to your side. Likewise N. will come to N. O Divine One, who brings death to the living and bring the dead back to life and who gathered Adem and Hawa on Mount Arafat, unite N. O Divine judgment is Your judgment, the sky is Your sky, the earth is Your earth. O Divine One restrict the sky with its expanse and the earth tightened on him as though from the thread stability and no pleasure in living or sleep or drink or rest till He returns to N. By the angels that were not created, he has but this and no salvation or shelter except this and this until he returns to this and this. If you but could see them when they were taken from a nearby place. Likewise N. is terrified and returns to N. it was but a single yell and they were all gathered before us. Likewise N.comes to N. By right of these clear signs and there is no ability or power except by Allah the exalted and Magnificient Blessings of Allah be upon our Master Mohammed, the illiterate prophet, and on his family and companions and peace.