Arabic books magic

In almost all of the books on Arabic magic, dozens and sometimes even whole chapters of love spells and talismans were present. What is especially characteristic for such texts is the constant warnings of the author to the reader to fear Allah and not to use the revealed secrets for achieving one's evil goals. Some authors suggest to the readers which spell is the strongest, and so Ibnil Hajj Tilmisanil in his book Sumusul

envar reveals the most powerful spell for gaining someones love. For that purpose, during midnight when the zodiac sign of cancer is the most dominant, write out the talisman using blood of a pigeon and then to fumigate it with the blood of the dead bird. Before that one must catch the bird Partridge and hold it captive until Tuesday and the hour of Mars. Then you must tie the talisman to the birds right wing and set her free. According to Ibnil Hajji Tilmisanil this spell is so powerful that the targeted person can become very ill because of it.

Talisman's along with knot making are the most powerful love magic in the Arabic culture. Most of the mentioned rituals are practiced according to ancient rules of the Middle Eastern occultism-always at the beginning of some Arabic month. In a dimmed room filled with thick smoke of incense and other fragrances, in complete solitude, a magician dressed in all white writes using an ink, made out of saffron or blood, on a piece of paper the mystic letters and formulas constantly repeating the names of the targets of his spells calling invisible creatures to his aid. If his spell is based on subjugating the Jinn in order to fulfill a wish then that sort of magic is always finished with powerful statements such as: Hurry! Quickly! At once!

If, however the magician is calling forth Allah and his angels then at the end he utters with deep respect the following words at the end of the talisman: "this talisman is for N the son of N"- the name of the mother is uttered- Allah please direct your angels to fulfill my wish. God you are certainly above everything, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. There is no power or strength...In this case the talisman is not written in blood but in "Arabic ink" (Saffron) or a special ink is made out of saffron, incense and rose water.

The belief that knot binding can produce a magical effect originates from the old Babylonians who cured certain diseases that way and they connected lovers, caused impotence in men, etc. Because all Middle Eastern magical beliefs are imbued with ancient Mesopotamian elements it is no wonder why such a practice is still popular today. When one wishes to cause love in one person, one takes seven threads of silk of different color. All threads are connected together and then seven knots are tied on the threads. During the tying of each knot the "names of the moon" are uttered seven times and Ruusu erbayi. As with every other ritual one must take care of the time when the ritual is performed, when the moon is in the position of one of the fixed signs. The thread is then bound in a piece of wolf skin and is given to the targeted person. In a very short time the bearer of that talisman will fall in love with the one for whom the talisman was created and an emotional relationship will form.