Invoking of Elders King part 2

Take the muslin and paint on it magical fi gures; then roll it very tight into a wick for the oil lamp. These figures are: (see tilsam)

Note: The first letter at the top-right and the fi fth letter to its left may look similar, but are actually two different letters.

Make sure you are in a secluded room with no light other than the lamp. Place the magical tablet in the center of your working area. On the red candle, write the names of Micail and Mazer. On the blue candle, write the names of the malaik Jabriel and Kamtam. On the white candle, write the names of Israfil and Qaswarah. On the green or black candle, inscribe the names of Azrail and Taykal. Place the four candles on their respective four corners on the tablet. Light the candles and the lamp and burn some sweet incense that contains cilantro.

STEP ONE: Recite the Ayatul Kursi seven times.

STEP TWO: Recite the Berhatiah at least seven times with the intent of enlisting the aid of the four Elder Kings.

STEP THREE: Recite the following three thousand and four times with a strong and commanding voice: “An Ifreet from the Jinn said, ‘I will bring it to you before you get up from your chair and I am upon this task powerful and to be trusted.’ ” Every hundred recitations from the three thousand and four times, intone the following conjuration:

“Answer me O Mazer, O Kamtam, O Qaswarah and O Taykal by honor of the Creator of the prophet Sulayman ibn Daut , who was a king of men and jinn. Be friendly to me and send to me from among your rank a spiritual ifreet to help me with my affair, which is (insert it), quickly and peacefully. Answer me by the honor of Ahin Qaf Adam Hm Ha'amin and the great and honor letters Qaf and Nun – Kun! Answer me and let your aid manifest to me (insert goal) quickly, even before I stand up from my seat, for I have sworn an oath over you with the Great Names. Bring (insert goal) about for me, quickly, and set upon this task a powerful and trusted ifreet who fears the Creator. By the honor of the grandiose king and the spiritual malaiks Chabayl, Chaktahyl, Ghatsabayl, Baghthahsajayl, and the Jinn Jafshatysh, Amtahtysh, Dafq’ghetish, Hafchaghabtish, hurry, O Mazer, O Kamtam, O Qaswarah and O Taykal and send to me who will manifest to me (insert goal) quickly and peacefully. May the blessings of Allah be upon you and within you.”

If you need to take a break during the recitation, then say: “Excuse me, O spirits and jinn, for I shall return to fi nish this work shortly.” Leave things undisturbed and return to your work. Keep track of the count. You may also divide the number of repetitions between seven or fourteen days. It isn’t a requirement that it all be done at once or in a single setting. Just remember not to quit the operation or slack off on it. If you start it, then finish it and work on it daily. The jinn will not take you seriously if you can’t keep your word or maintain the vigilance for your goal. If you are planning on stretching this operation, don’t do any release in the meantime.